Q. Should I choose a leather or fabric sofa?

It depends! We wrote a whole blog post about how to choose between a fabric and leather sofa to help you.

Q. Which products would you recommend for dog owners?

Is your sofa actually an expensive dog bed? Same. We recommend leather for pet owners because it’s durable and lends itself nicely to that lived-in look.

For a hardier leather that has a more consistent finish, our Oxford leather (as seen on our Worthington and Alcott sofas) is a great option. 

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Q. Where are your products manufactured?

We look for the finest craftsmen for each of our products. As a result, we work with manufacturers all over the world. We currently work with manufacturers in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and India.

Before establishing a relationship with a new manufacturing partner, we carefully vet them against our stringent criteria for ethical business practices and quality control. We personally visit with every factory we work with on a regular basis to ensure that these standards are maintained.

Q. Which products would you recommend for cat owners?

To cats, fabric and velvet upholstery is simply another place to sharpen the old claws. If your kitty companion is a scratcher, we suggest tough Oxford leather. 

Need more help? Read our top five tips for choosing pet-friendly furniture on the blog.

Q. Do you use flame retardants in your furniture?

We strive to remove or reduce the use of chemicals in the production process. Most of our products do not have any flame retardants added during manufacturing. However, there are currently a small number of items that do contain flame retardants. We are working with our manufacturing partners to have these removed. If you are concerned about the inclusion of flame retardants, we encourage you to reach out to our customer care team in advance of your purchase to enquire about the specific product you are interested in.

Q. Are finish colors shown in your photos accurate?

All photos on our website are taken by professional photographers under lighting conditions that are typical in a residential home.

We endeavour to accurately show the finish color and texture as best we can. How these photos display on any individual monitor and output from any printer can vary based on the different settings. If we can be of assistance in selecting the right furniture for your situation (style, dimensions, color, fabric swatches, etc.) get in touch and we would be happy to help.